UK packaging solutions provider, Hazel 4D, has added a new cartridge knife to its safety knife range.

The Bumblebee knife is designed to reduce warehouse injuries and minimise downtime by keeping workers safe whilst carrying the knife, using it and replacing the blade. The knife’s blade is enclosed within a cartridge meaning users never need to touch the blade, even when replacing it.

Ideal for cutting cardboard, opening boxes and slitting tape safely, the Bumblebee knife reduces the risk of hand injuries during the blade changing process. To replace the blade, warehouse operatives can simply switch the cartridge for another, with no need for a health and safety professional to do it for them. This speeds up the blade changing process and minimises downtime.

The Bumblebee knife is a safer alternative to using snap-off razor blade knives as the blade is fixed and never unnecessarily exposed as the spring-activated cartridge closes automatically after each cut. The guard can be locked into place when the knife is not in use so the blade can’t cause injuries in the user’s pocket or whilst they are carrying the knife.

The knife is lightweight and the handle – the end of which doubles up as a tape slitter – is ergonomically designed to make frequent and lengthy use of the knife comfortable for the user. The Bumblebee knife has been added to Hazel 4D’s safety knife range that includes ceramic blade knives, auto-retracting blade knives, fish knives and film cutters.