Fact – we Brits love to shop online. In fact, we love shopping online so much that the UK spent around £180bn in 2017, keeping us at the top of the table for online spend in Europe.

Black Friday has therefore become the perfect excuse for an shopping spree and last year the UK online spend on Black Friday increased by 11.7% to £1.39bn, according to data from IMRG.

Trends show that customers prefer green to black

If last year’s online sales figures are anything to go by, retailers can once again expect a healthy spike in their sales on 23rd November. However, as a nation right now, we’re being a little cautious with our pennies, so whilst unbeatable bargains will be tempting, consumers will have other things on their minds too such as rising costs, environmental concerns over plastic waste, recycling and sustainability.

There’s every opportunity for online retailers to do well again in this year’s sales, but there’s also the opportunity to gain more long-term customers by using and communicating about sustainable packaging.

Green packaging will keep customers coming back 

Did you know that you can pack virtually any type of goods with 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable paper packaging? You can protect glass, ceramics, engineered parts, electronics, bicycles, cosmetics, fibreglass parts and even engines – the list is endless!

By packing your goods with a totally environmentally friendly packing medium, you will not only save money, save time and increase online packaging times, you will also secure a whole new group of customers who will keep coming back because they know that buying through you will help to protect the environment.

So how can green packaging increase sales and re-orders?

It’s very simple – tell the story and people will emotionally buy-in to it. Green packaging can become one of your USP’s and part of your brand story – that’s what people are looking for today.

Consumers want to buy goods online, but not at a cost to the environment. If you can deliver their goods in the greenest way possible, customers will buy, share and come back again.

Shipping goods using environmentally friendly packaging is a powerful marketing message. You can:

  • Add a ‘green packaging’ flash to your online pages eg “We ship our goods using 100% environmentally friendly packaging”
  • Create a ‘Green’ points scheme or incentive system to reward shoppers
  • Insert a sticker/card/flyer into your packed box to communicate that goods are ‘Packed using 100% recycled, 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable packaging’.
  • Use social media to promote your green packaging
  • Create content around recycling and packaging (you are now practising what you preach!)
  • Create an online feedback system for users to endorse your ethical packaging.

As a nation, we’re passionate about protecting the environment, so let’s carry on shopping but show the world how we do it and count the green!

Switching to green packaging is easy – just let us know what you’re packing and we’ll show you the best solution for your products, and a give you a FREE DEMONSTRATION. Call 01438 740649 or visit www.pregiseu.com and view our online product finder.