Leading UK packaging supplier, Kite Packaging has expanded its efficiency boosting product range by introducing two new carton sealing machines.

In this fast-paced society of today where business competition is at an all-time high, businesses long for continuity and stability.

The demand for automated packaging agents is constantly increasing as organisations worldwide look to automate and streamline their packing area, equipping them for future success.

Kite’s new carton sealing machines offer a wider selection of machine based packing products that can assist businesses and consumers with all their day-today packing and boost efficiency levels.

What makes these two products different from the rest of Kite’s machines is their single phase power feature. This new addition means that the carton sealers can be used in warehouses where they only have a single phase power supply rather than a three phase one.

Although three-phase electric power is a common method of alternating current electric power, some establishments only have a single phase power unit available.

Thanks to these two new product additions, Kite is making efficient packing practice more assessable for businesses nationwide.

For more information about the new carton sealing machines or about Kite’s other products please visit www.kitepackaging.co.uk.