A recent study shows that the packaging of a product can impact consumer’s perception of value by up to 45%*! This means that a little extra effort in the packaging could make customers feel like they are getting great value overall.

As retail continues to shift from physical stores to digital, the unboxing experience in consumers’ homes is replacing the store experience. Over the years, the retail store experience has become a science which includes branding, placement, merchandising, personalised service, music and even scent. But many retailers have failed to replicate that euphoric instore experience with home delivery – which puts customer lifetime value at risk.

We understand customer expectations

At Pregis, we work with all kinds of brands that ship all kinds of products, helping them to understand more about the importance of the unboxing experience. As consumers, we are more in control today than ever before so if we aren’t satisfied we can find new suppliers quickly. We know too, that customer loyalty needs to be earned, meaning that brands need to work harder than ever to get the overall customer experience right. The delivery of goods is the final touchpoint of a brand; people want quality goods, delivered quickly, on time, packaged well and damage free. On top of that they want to see packaging that comes from sustainable sources and used efficiently. No one wants to feel that the packaging has cheapened the goods inside!

More than satisfied

Customer satisfaction generally means that the customer is happy, but is happy sufficient today? People are ever more vocal in their opinions and take to social media if they are not happy, particularly with damaged goods or over-packing as consumers are becoming more eco-conscious. But, people also use social media to share extraordinary experiences including the unboxing experience, and there is nothing like word of mouth to improve sales opportunities. When a package arrives with the customer their experience begins; from ease of opening, quality or type of in-the-box protection, labelling and storytelling as well as how easy it is to discard. These are opportunities for you to wow your customer and tell them about your brand, your values, your ethics and how much you care, thus providing your customers with the confidence to return time after time, increasing their overall lifetime value.

Our top 5 tips for a good customer unboxing experience:

In-the-box packaging: use packaging which not only protects the product fully, but will look premium and give the consumer a great first impression. Think about any small touches which could increase brand perception.

Raw materials: show how you source materials from sustainable sources either in the box or at the point of ordering.

Minimise waste: use a packing medium which is strong but requires small amounts inside the box and can be easily discarded by the end-user with a clear conscience.

Communicate your values: clearly mark packaging or labels with messaging to convey your packaging ethics – if your goods are packed with recycled paper, clearly state this. Our customers receive tree certificates showing the number of trees that they saved by using recycled paper which can be shared with customers. Get feedback: it’s essential that you know that your goods are arriving intact and that customers are happy. This can be automated via email, text, app, QR codes or even a good old-fashioned phone call! Pregis work closely with customers to help them with every aspect of packing goods, from fulfilment solutions through to packing training for operatives. These small and easy-to-implement changes can not only save time and money, but ensure that your muchvalued customers stay more than satisfied long into the future.

*Based on a study conducted by Pregis LLC in conjunction with University of Wisconsin professor of marketing, Page Moreau. Study Results: Parcel Packaging Impacts Consumer’s Perception of Product Value by 45%. Published June 2018.


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