The UK’s traction and industrial battery specialist, Espex Batteries, is proudly championing the sustainable nature of the modern battery industry. Recyclability is at the heart of the way responsible businesses such as Espex operate. In fact, the company is about to launch a new section of its website, offering a direct link for customers to contact the company regarding its free used industrial battery return facility.

Amit Ghosal, Chief Executive of Espex
Batteries Ltd.

Amit Ghosal, Chief Executive of Espex Batteries Ltd, comments: “the only way to truly ensure recycling of used batteries is to make the process as simple as possible. We’re providing an easy way for customers to get in touch and arrange collection of their used industrial batteries, helping us and them to achieve environmental targets and keep ours a clean, sustainable industry.”

In fact, Mr Ghosal, had the great honour of collecting a Golden Peacock ‘Special Commendation’ award for Sustainability late last year, on behalf of Indian parent company Exide Industries Limited [see photo, centre-right].

Exide-India recycling facts:

• Lead, the main raw material in a lead acid storage battery, is recyclable. Recycling an old battery to reclaim its lead content is not only socially and environmentally desirable; it also makes perfect economic sense for everyone involved in the value chain.

• At Exide India, we buy back old batteries for recycling as a part of our commitment to help protect the environment.

• Close to 40% of the lead and lead alloy requirements of Exide are met through recycled lead.

Mr Ghosal continues: “It was a great honour to collect this award on behalf of Exide India. All companies within the organisation are proud of their sustainability achievements, and we realise that in the case of lead-acid batteries many people aren’t fully aware of the environmental considerations or sustainability issues. The truth is, however, that our manufacturing processes operate to the very highest standards and the batteries we supply to our clients are, in fact, recyclable.”