With demand for online deliveries showing no signs of slowing down the loading bay is becoming an increasingly important area to optimise. Demand for products must be fulfilled efficiently and safely, however a loading bay attempting to operate beyond its capacity can put both these requirements at risk.

Many companies would benefit from additional loading bay space but do not move forward with a solution due to challenges such as manoeuvring HGV’s and keeping sensitive goods sufficiently protected. When off the shelf structures are put against these challenges it’s easy to see why many plans do not come to fruition. However, a bespoke approach can overcome these hurdles and deliver an effective solution.

For instance the logistics giant Eddie Stobart required an additional loading door to meet their customers delivery commitments but it’s proposed location threw up manoeuvring challenges for HGV’s due to its proximity to another entrance. CopriSystems, a provider of bespoke loading bay and storage structures, developed a solution which incorporated a side-wall mounted monopitch canopy covering a new electric door with traffic lights that interlocked with an existing door to prevent accidents. Definitely not off the shelf but just what was required to enable Eddie Stobart to increase their capacity at their existing site.

A well thought out, bespoke loading bay can be tailored to an individual businesses needs and provide not only additional space but also help protect sensitive goods. CopriSystems also designed and installed a bespoke ‘tree’/T-shaped canopy for online grocer Ocado, allowing vans to be loaded and left undercover, plugged into mains electricity, until ready to deliver. This also freed up space in the main warehouse for new goods coming in.

A bespoke structure sounds like a more expensive option but as shown with Ocado, if properly thought and aligned with the needs of the individual business, can deliver real efficiencies and a lower net total cost of ownership. Combine this approach with finance options such as those offered by CopriSystems and there’s a real opportunity to transform this key area within budget, making it ready to meet today’s and tomorrows online demand for goods.

CopriSystems are a leading industrial building company with a long list of well known organisations as clients. They have over 27 years experience developing pioneering bespoke structures. Discuss your next project on 01380 830697 or visit


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