No matter which industry you are in, every department has a budget they must operate within and if you have just one department going over the limits, that can net a substantial loss for your company. Many times, it’s labour, but most of the time it’s inefficiencies which go undetected for too long. This is often true when you find it’s your warehouse that is costing you money – money which could be spent on new technology or company expansion. Packaging is often an issue and, fortunately, there are solutions which can address the issue, thereby saving your company tens of thousands of pounds a year.

Addressing Packaging Waste

One of the largest money hogs in warehousing is that boxes come in standard sizes. It is often too costly to order custom-size corrugated boxes and so companies spend needlessly on filler such as bubble wrap and extruded polystyrene foam to fill space, thereby reducing damage to the product within. Some companies have identified this issue and are developing innovative solutions which largescale manufacturers can utilise for on-demand boxes. Ribble Packaging for example, now offer an on-site solution with their innovative Ribble Automate process, which allows you to pick the right size box, therefore reducing the amount of money spent on filler materials.

Here, a machine is placed on the company grounds and packages can be made to size and to number on demand. Whether the company has one item to send or store, or hundreds of unusually-sized items, the Ribble Automate process lets manufacturers make boxes to size as needed. Many believe this to be one of the most innovative services to hit the market in a very long time.

Ways in Which Packaging Size Impacts Profit

As mentioned above, needless money is spent on insulation and filler for oversized boxes. That is just one way in which manufacturers find profits going down the drain. However, what about the size of your warehouse? If you could reduce the size of boxes, which in turn would allow you to store much more in your warehouse, you would be making more efficient use of the area you have.

Sometimes large customer orders are held up due to lack of available space for storing, so products need to be manufactured prior to shipment. With extra space available in the warehouse, companies can now store more of their fast-moving products which, then, increases efficiency and yields a higher profit. Satisfied customers come back time and again.

When Returns Are Eating Away at Your Bottom Line

When products are returned to your warehouse, often they must be sold as ‘open box’ or brought to landfills, even when they are in pristine condition. Customers are known for changing their minds after purchasing items and that can add up to a huge sum annually. With yet another packaging solution from this trendsetting company, Ribble Restore solutions can help you create boxes also in pristine condition so that those products can be sold at full value. Not only does this help reduce waste but it does so in a way in which manufacturers can recover valuable stock. With packaging as “good as new,” it truly is possible to sell them at list price.

A Final Bit About Eco-friendly Practices

In the end, consider what solutions like on demand packaging mean to the ecology. Not only is there less waste but fewer boxes need be shipped. The amount of carbon not being released into the atmosphere makes a huge impact in itself. Then there is the fact that fewer items are sent to landfills. All this adds up in terms of profitability but also in terms of being a sustainable industry. Packaging solutions for manufacturing warehouses take all of this into account and this is why your business can benefit from revamping how you package, store and ship goods.