JS Air Curtains is offering on its website, www.jsaircurtains.com, an online product selector tool to help find the best air curtain solution for warehouse and industrial doorways.

The online product selector guides users wanting to select an air curtain through a series of multiple choice questions. As the user progresses through t he sele ct ion crit eria, a shortlist of air curtains is presented and refined, dep endi ng on the user’s require ments, until finally an ideal air cur tain or shortlist of p rod u cts is suggested for the user’s project.

The online product selector takes into account many factors such as available energy supplies, type of doorway, mounting options and control choice.

As always, expert advice is available in person from JS Air Curtains’ team of specialist engineers but these online resources provide additional 24/7 support for warehouse managers and consultants working on an air curtain project.

JS Air Curtains, the UK’s leading air curtain specialist, supply an extensive range of air curtains for all commercial and industrial applications. You can find out more by visiting the company’s website at www.jsaircurtains.com.


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