Dock Solutions has been manufacturing loading bay equipment for over 14 years. Based in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, during this period the company has grown from strength to strength. Being a manufacturer, Dock Solutions has always been open to new designs, and custom, one-off manufacturing which suit customers specific requirements. Dock Solutions recognises that not all customers have the same needs, and not all customers are operating from perfectly suited premises.

The number of variables that are involved in the design of loading bays are not always recognised. Often, warehouses can be constructed years before the existing tenants will occupy the property – and this often means that the building is not perfectly suited to the tenants loading and unloading operation and requirements.

Let Dock Solutions design a loading ramp for you today! Due to its combination of in house manufacturing and design, Dock Solutions are more than able to help those customers who require a loading bay set up which is unconventional. We will look back at some projects which were out of the ordinary.

In September 2017, Dock Solutions completed the installation of a loading ramp which has a 27-tonne rated capacity. The 14-metre ramp was completed with a set of pedestrian access steps, a traffic light dock safety system and yellow painted hand rails. The entire ramp was coated with a grated mesh material, which provided a more substantial gripping surface for the traffic operating on the ramp. The dock leveller had two mains, and two lip rams, and the deck of the dock leveller was treated with a specific non-slip coating.

This loading equipment provides a great solution for customers who operate from a property, where the internal finish floor, is at the same height as the external yard floor. The ramp creates the possibility of loading and unloading directly via a forklift truck. Which, significantly increases the efficiencies of the entire process. Do you want to increase the efficiencies of your loading procedure? Call Dock Solutions today for a free no obligation quotation and site survey.


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