Following high demand from warehouse and storage sector Aranet has released a white paper explaining the main principles and benefits of wireless IoT system installation in cold storage facilities.

The material details differences between different storage requirements and highlights that companies are obliged to monitor cold storage areas to preserve quality and maintain consumer product safety standards. When temperature sensitive or perishable goods are stored prior to final distribution, the storage condition data needs to be recorded and accessible anytime.

If your company requires temperature and humidity or CO2 monitoring in warehouses and storage facilities you might know how difficult and time consuming such system installations can be. Not with Aranet!

Aranet is changing how monitoring is done by:

• Allowing temperature, humidity and CO2 monitoring in a large areas, with just one base station that can support 1-100 wireless sensors within line-of-sight range of at least 3km/1.9mi;

• Receiving alerts via phone or e-mail when something needs attention;

• Being simple and quick to install;

• Offering cost effective solutions that include complimentary software for data analysis;

• Ensuring the best storage conditions for temperature and humidity sensitive goods and avoiding financial losses due to spoilage;

• Excluding human error and reducing overall monitoring costs;

• Operating as a safe, private network that’s not dependent on any third party service provider.

Make environmental monitoring easy with Aranet! Visit monitoring-cold-storageapplications/ to read full white paper.

SAF Tehnika venturing into Industrial Internet of Things terrain with newest product line Aranet – environmental monitoring solutions for a diverse range of businesses.

SAF Tehnika has 20 years of experience in manufacturing and designing modern wireless data transmission technologies.


Vizma Bramane, Project Manager