Renovotec, the UK’s fastest growing independent rugged hardware, software and services provider for warehousing and distribution, manufacturing and retail companies has acquired rugged hardware maintenance company Datatrade to create the UK’s largest independent rugged hardware and maintenance, software and services company says Renovotec with a projected FY* 2018 turnover of around £15 million and 57 employees. The acquisition was made by Renovotec Investments. (*Financial Year)

Datatrade is Renovotec’s third acquisition since 2013 following its earlier takeovers of AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) company Sandpiper Corporation and rugged hardware specialist PTEL. Datatrade provides remote and on-site services and support for a range of rugged warehousing and logistics products, including major-brand mobile devices and printers.

Commenting on the acquisition Renovotec managing director Richard Gilliard says: “There is warehousing and distribution demand for this new, one-stop rugged offering. No other independent supplier has the same level of specialist resource or depth of rugged supply chain knowledge that we are now able to offer.”