A common perception related to self-storage facilities is that they are used by people who are moving and need to store their belongings temporarily. However, storage facilities can be used for different purposes – for example, if you are a business owner, you can use self-storage facilities to store unused items. This could include extra office furniture, desktop computers or printers which are currently not in use.

Many businesses use self-storage units as they can significantly free up valuable floor space. Here is why you should put unused business equipment into a self-storage facility.

More space
Self-storage facilities can help you free up space in your office. Offices are generally loaded with furniture, equipment, paperwork etc. However, many of these things are not used daily. While this doesn’t mean that you don’t need them at all, they do take up valuable floor space. For instance, many businesses use laminators, but not on a day to day basis. Hence, putting them in storage will increase the space in your office.

Furthermore, storing unused equipment can help your office look more spacious and may also lower any health and safety issues on the premises – these include tripping hazards.

Archive storage
Many businesses have years of paperwork and records concerning current and former clients, customers, employees, deals etc. For a company, this is valuable data which cannot be thrown away. However, these records and paperwork consume a lot of space which can be put to better use. You can safely store these records in a storage unit and use the free space for other purposes.

Cost-effective option
Self-storage facilities are a cost-effective way of storing unused business equipment. Getting a larger office space also solves the problem, but it involves additional investment. This means that apart from paying more for your rent, you will also have to pay increased tax and utility fees.

A self-storage unit can be easily rented on a monthly basis which can help businesses save the expense of renting or buying larger premises. Moreover, start-ups and small businesses can benefit from this option as they do not have the required budget to move to a larger office.

Hassle-free option
One of the biggest advantages of renting a self-storage unit is the convenience it offers to business owners. You can easily store extra and paperwork within easy reach by finding a centre that is close to your office. As discussed above, there are also fewer costs involved in renting a storage unit. You will only have to pay for the space you need.

Short term storage
Businesses can utilise a self storage unit if they are looking to renovate or relocate. They can get a short-term storage unit where they can store unused business equipment on a temporary basis. From office supplies to furniture and desktop computers, a self-storage unit can be extremely useful for safely storing your office equipment.

Secure and reliable
If you choose to store valuable paperwork/records in your office, your employees might have access to confidential data as well. In contrast, self-storage units not only ensure the security of your equipment or files, but you can rest assured that they are not accessible by all.

Many self-storage facilities have started to offer additional security measures for businesses. One example of this can be seen through the self-storage providers https://www.storagegiant.co.uk/ who have passcode entry so that your storage can only be accessed with the unique PIN code created.  They also have 24-hour video surveillance to ensure that your items are safe and secure.

Recently, the trend of online or home businesses has gained popularity due to the power of social media. Many people have started to trade predominantly through online platforms. However, the only problem with doing business online or from your home is that you have limited space to store your equipment or products. Initially, this might not be such a big problem. However, as your business grows, renting a self-storage unit will allow you to easily and safely store your unused equipment and important paperwork.

Any and all businesses can benefit from this facility – additionally, the amount of space that you save by storing unused business equipment can be used for other purposes, such as making a small break room where your employees can relax.