U-Power’s brand new RedLion range hugely improves and increases the health and wellbeing of the wearer, and features one of the most exciting developments in the safety footwear industry.

The sporty, high-performance, RedLion is a range with a difference – it represents a breakthrough in terms of research and innovation by incorporating a revolutionary new mid sole using Infinergy®, made of expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU), as opposed to the traditional PU.

This insert springs back into its original shape immediately after impact, so helps to maintain energy for longer periods than a conventional shoe. RedLion reduces stress, pressure, fatigue, backache and other musculoskeletal disorders thanks to this revolutionary insert, which returns more than 55% of positive energy to the wearer, aiding their wellbeing while walking during work activities.

So how does it do this? Take a look at http://www.upower. it/cms/en/redlion.html.

This video vividly illustrates all the benefits of the RedLion, such as excellent slip-resistance and extreme breathability and, above all, its radical Infinergy® mid sole, which returns over 55% of energy to the wearer and dramatically reduces fatigue. See how much difference the RedLion could make to your own wellbeing.

The best the industry has to offer, the RedLion is lighter, stronger and more comfortable and outperforms any other safety footwear on the market. Offering 3x improved temperature resistance, its materials do not compress over their lifetime, so the RedLion never loses its performance, and lasts much longer than other footwear.

U-Power’s ergonomically-designed RedLion is therefore ideal to improve the all-day comfort, wellbeing and conditions of workers subjected to long and repetitive periods of standing, kneeling or squatting, or those who walk short or long distances or up and down stairs at work, avoiding the very real risk of fatigue leading to accidents and injuries.

Soft, flexible, yet stable and impermeable, RedLion is not only good looking, but practical in all ways, with its aluminium toe cap, polysoft footbed, and composite mid-sole. The footwear also retains an elastic memory at temperatures from +40°C to -20°C, and is extremely durable, anti-abrasive, and chemical-resistant, making it perfect for all work conditions.

Stuart Thorne, U-Power’s Managing Director, said: “The RedLion is one of the most exciting innovations ever to happen in the safety footwear market and is by far and away the best development of the last 20 years. “Ultimately RedLion is about outstanding comfort, as its return of energy gives the wearer extra oxygen and vastly reduces weariness throughout the day. The RedLion range takes comfort and technology to another plane, making workplace fatigue a thing of the past. You simply can’t get better footwear.”

More information is available from: www.u-power.it, by emailing info.uk@u-power.it, or calling +44 (0)1543 417 241. The RedLion videos can be viewed at http://www.u-power.it/cms/en/redlion.html.



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