Dürr, a publicly traded provider of industrial systems and equipment with 15,200 employees at 87 sites in 28 countries, has taken another step forward in its ambition to become a global leader in the realm of digitalization as well. Dürr Systems AG now uses the IT platform AX4 for centralized control of the logistics processes associated with the construction of paint shops and assembly plants.

The cloud-based platform integrates over 100 suppliers, 119 carriers, 5 packaging service providers, and all construction project partners into the logistics supply processes. Together, this ensures that all components are delivered at the appropriate time.

AX4 has been customized to meet the unique needs of Dürr. It functions as a single point of entry, bundling data, documents, and information from various sources and delivering the latest status updates. This enables constant monitoring of a component’s location – for example, whether it has passed through customs and will be delivered on time. “End-toend visibility of the supply chain enhances the quality of our service,” notes Markus Ziegler, Senior Manager for Distribution Logistics at Dürr Systems AG.

AX4 provides all shipmentrelated transport and tracking information in real time. This makes it possible to provide precise delivery times and eliminates the need to hunt down this information in various IT tools. “The faster information becomes available, the more valuable it is,” notes Ziegler, expressing his expectations for endto- end visibility in the shipping process.

AX4 visualizes the supply chain from the moment Dürr system components are loaded at the production plant until they are shelved at the construction site storage area or with the end customer. “The digital transformation provides a real turbo boost for increased efficiency in production”: That’s the message of the “digital@DÜRR” strategy with its four pillars of smart factories, smart processes, smart services, and smart products. Now, project logistics has been integrated into the company’s smart future as well.


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