Megaventory is ideal in supporting small and medium businesses in their day to day operations across a broad range of work scenarios.

It can handle purchase orders to suppliers, invoicing and tracking associated inventory increases (as well as returns to vendors). Also, it can support sales order fulfillment and the necessary stock increases (again complete with return tracking). Other scenarios are supported as well such as selling on consignment, preordering, drop-shipping and various other workflows useful in brick and mortar shops or e-commerce stores.

Manufacturing is also supported as is kitting (bundling) along with bulk processing in these types of processes. Bills of materials, partially receipts and allocations and labor costs can also be tracked and the associated paperwork is also provided. A large number of reporting features are also provided (for example reports such as inbound and outbound movements, availability levels, gross profit, inventory value, etc).

Other various features are also included by default such as sophisticated user permissions, full data import and export, multiple currencies and exchange rates, pricing rules, significant selflocalization and customization elements (including creating custom documents) and a rich API.


• Monitor all product flow in and out of your business – ensure no product is lost or misplaced.

• Issue and maintain a detailed record of invoices and other documents – make sure you have a complete record of all important transactions.

• Track product inventory and availability at any point in time – guarantee you are always able to know your stock situation with accuracy.

• Manage manufacturing processes and ensure minimal raw material loss and wastage – no more inventory inaccuracies when creating finished goods.

• Create and save detailed and drill-down reports of all aspects of your business – the best way to identify inefficiencies and correct them

Megaventory Features

• Manage inventory, orders, and manufacturing processes in one place

• Import your initial inventory listing from a spreadsheet

• Build reports to easily see stock, sales rates, and anything else you need to watch

• Set your products, tax, inventory locations, discounts, and more to track everything about your business

• Share reports with others, or keep them private for your records

• Create work order printouts

• Export data from any view in Excel, CSV, or PDF formats

Customer Service and Technical Support:

Megaventory offers five ways to get help:

• Chat: Chat is accessible through an icon in the lower right-hand corner of the application.

• Support Ticket: This is a thread that tracks your correspondence with customer support. Any updates are automatically emailed to you.

• Screen Share: A customer service representative will set up an appointment to screen share with you, and step through any questions you have about the software.

• Interactive Tutorials: These are found by clicking the magic wand icon in the bottom right. There are currently 8 to choose from.

• Knowledge Base: This contains an FAQ and a large number of articles on how to use the various features in the application. There is a search bar that you can use to look up specific stuff.

Integrations and Add-Ons:

Here are the integrations that are currently available:

• eCommerce

o Magento

• Business Intelligence

o Lokad Salescast

• Accounting

o Intuit Quickbooks Online


Twitter: @megaventory