Bioengineering methods are commonly used for protection against soil erosion and to ensure slope stabilisation. Direct filtration and reverse engineering is used to minimise land erosion in traditional applications. Reno Mattress serve as a cost-effective and easy solution for preventing damage caused by erosion– it is also highly effective for preventing erosion in the long run. These are commonly used for river bank and scour protection, embankment stability as well as to line channels for erosion control.

The Design of Reno Mattresses
The design of Reno Mattresses may differ depending on the manufacturer. For reference, I will be the  Maccaferri Reno Mattresses ( which are manufactured with a unique woven double-twisted hexagonal steel wire mesh. Reno Mattresses can be easily constructed on-site and off-site. These are delivered folded flat and are assembled on the site. After assembling, the mattresses are filled with stones and aggregate land fill for creating monolithic structures that are flexible and permeable. Reno Mattresses are distributed into uniform patterns and cells with the help of internal diaphragms.

Reno mattresses are used for a wide variety of applications including slope stabilisation, soil retention, channel lining etc. Along with being a low cost option, Reno Mattresses are preferred due to their durability, strength, longevity, and permeability.

How Soil Erosion Occurs
Soil erosion is the movement and detachment of soil particles from the point of origination through wind or water. In agricultural terms, soil erosion occurs when the moisture, minerals and nutrients from the top surface of the soil are washed away by the force of water, wind and other natural forces.

Soil erosion is dangerous because it is a slow and gradual process – this means that it can go unnoticed until a considerable layer of top soil has been washed away. The effects of soil erosion are harmful not only for agricultural purposes, but also for surface construction such as roads and buildings. During soil erosion, small soil particles containing minerals detach from the top surface and are deposited somewhere else, often in the aggregate soil base. This decreases the soil volume and makes the top surface vulnerable to cracks and gaps.

How Do Reno Mattresses Help Prevent Erosion?
The internal diaphragms of Reno Mattresses are filled with stones and aggregate soil base. This way, a durable monolithic structure can be created which is resistant to erosion-related changes and structural movements. During the process, the structural integrity of Reno Mattresses is not lost. Over time, the void in rockfills gradually fills with silt which assists cultivation and re-vegetation.

The hydrostatic pressure of soil is maintained by allowing textural seepage through the stone fills; therefore, you do not require additional drainage for preventing erosion. Natural drainage is achieved through the porous structure and gravitational pull along with circulation of air through the structure. When soil fills are deposited in the internal diaphragms and cultivation or re-vegetation occurs, transpiration assists the removal of moisture from the land, thus protecting soil and preventing erosion.

Why Are Reno Mattress a Reliable Solution?
The double twisted mesh of Reno Mattresses provides them maximum durability and flexibility. Hence, Reno Mattresses are particularly suitable for unstable soil conditions and soft soil. They are also suitable for areas where wind and water pressure can cause unwanted soil movements.

Environment-Friendly Solution
Soil erosion is a serious problem for productive agricultural land. It can result in water quality concerns due to deposition of sediment in urban waterways. However, common solutions such as chemical-based treatments and nitrogen-based landfills are considered to be harmful for the soil.

Reno Mattresses offer an eco-friendly solution for long-term implementation. From soil retention to slope stabilisation, Reno Mattresses can help restore natural soil stability and volume. This can lead to a natural flow of nutrients, water and air within the soil particles for increased vegetation and plant growth. Moreover, Reno Mattresses can also provide maximum support and stability to the surface layers.

Reno Mattresses do not require expensive equipment or special labour for installation. Therefore, the mattresses area cost-effective, reliable and safe solution for protection against soil erosion.