It appears to us that UK businesses are more interested in a quick “return on investment” rather than increasing staff productivity, at M.I.DSL we say, “why not benefit from both”.

Consider the operatives at goodsin who are scanning in and labelling products for put-away/pallet storage and some for cross-docking/onward shipping. The warehouse management software is doing its job but items need to be recorded or scanned in and properly labelled for storage and shipping labels attached where needed. The printer is in a static location and the operatives are spending time walking back and forth to fetch the labels and each trip increases the risk of the wrong label being applied to an item. The time spent walking, or the working pathway, is time not being used productively and is costing money. When aggregated over the working week, month or year these costs add up. Items that are incorrectly labelled end up in the wrong place adding more cost to the operation for recovery and perishable goods could be lost completely. The resultant damage to the supplier’s prestige and reputation for being unreliable cannot be measured but could be a greater loss than just money.

MAX carries and powers your IT resources to the job. On demand printing eliminates the working pathway, increases work volumes, accuracy and efficiency which reduces the working man-hours and the need for overtime. Here are the numbers:

Master data for calculation

Shifts per day 1

Working week 5 days

Unit labour cost £25/hr

Investment in MAX Work Station

Basic sales price £2,250


Cost of options £500

Discount £275

Nets Sales Price £2,475

Savings in

Process time 6 minutes

Process time 1 minute

Capital investment £500


minutes/hr walking to a static printer plus interruptions time for faster printing with a standard PC/printer no need for mobile devices, use standard PC/printer

Net saving in £/yr £6,567

ROI 4.52 months