Kawasaki is internationally famous for quality engineered systems. In 2015 the firm trialled the Permaban Signature AR industrial flooring joint repair system, with impressive results. So when a high traffic aisle needed a permanent repair solution, Permaban Signature AR was the obvious choice, as Steve Swan of RCR Flooring Products explains.

Damaged forklift aisle

The Kawasaki Precision Machinery (KPM) factory in Plymouth was built in the 1980s. The damaged joint at KPM was in an existing aisle with heavy forklift traffic, and although a previous mortar repair to the joint had been carried out, the area had degraded through use. This is not an uncommon problem, as mortar repairs are not a permanent joint repair solution.

Signature AR: the permanent, professional joint repair

Permaban Signature AR replaces damaged saw-cut joints, or sections of the floor where a straight armoured joint and the surrounding concrete have become damaged. It provides a permanent, professional repair – saving building owners and operators the cost and disruption of future floor repairs.

Signature AR is based on the Permaban Signature armoured joint, used in new warehouse and industrial floors worldwide. With its distinctive half-hexagonal design, MHE can pass smoothly across a Signature joint, causing no impact and no damage. This saves significant repair costs to both the floor and vehicles, for the lifetime of the building.

The Signature AR system incorporates all the products needed for a professional joint repair – including the Signature AR joint, plus bonding agent, resin repair mortar and resin screen finish from fellow RCR brands Rinol and Rocland.

The KPM repair process

The damaged area was cut, but doing so caused other weak areas of the floor and the beam foundation (where two joints had been placed close together) to crack and break away. Thus the total repair area included the 3.17m standard repair, and also another area consisting of two runs of 2.9m, with an additional break-out repair in between.

Once the damaged concrete had been removed, a primer was applied, followed by a leveller. The Signature AR joint was cut to length and bolted into the floor, using anchor bolts which would be completely concealed once the repair was finished. A top level of resin was then poured and left overnight; and the next day the repair area was ground, polished, cleaned and sealed to leave completely seamless finish.

“We’re very pleased with the floor repair using Permaban Signature AR. Forklifts can cross the joint easily; the floor looks professional and we know it will stay that way.” Ray Wilson, Maintenance Manager, Kawasaki Precision Machinery.


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