The biggest area of interest and growth for the team at Pallite® has been the innovatory collapsible Pallite® Box. Why? “Because of the problems it solves for our customers” comments David Rose, sales director for Pallite®.
“For some it’s the fact they can now double stack up to 750kg on top of each box, for others it’s the 25mm protective wall that protects their load better than corrugated options. For others the appeal is the easy collapse and build design that they love”. Rose is referring to the makeup of the box that allows a build and disassemble of a complete unit in seconds as opposed to minutes – with the added benefit of the unit being free from nails and splinters.

But the latest twist from the Wellingborough based team is the rise in sales for a Pallite® Cool Box. Using the same technology of honeycomb walls (that in tests offer more than 10% better insulation when compared to cardboard) and combining that with pre-cut insulative liners and blankets as well as gel packs, they have found an ideal and costeffective way of allowing their customers to move chilled product across the globe at the expense of costly alternatives.

Bespoke Sizes Help Reduce Costs

“It’s really good to see customers happy not just with the performance of the Pallite® Cool Box but also with the cost savings they’re making” stated Rose.

“Because of the flexibility of our offering, we’re also able to make a box that is absolutely the right size for our customers’ needs and if they’re airfreighting and looking at saving costs by reducing the physical size of their load, then the Pallite® is ideal”.
Cold doesn’t have to mean expensive

There’s no doubt that there are some very good cold storage units on the market that allow us to move products around, but often these come with an expensive price tag. Pallite®’s innovative design means there’s a real choice for those businesses looking to transport their products in a safe, cold environment.

“We’re able to supply 12×08 pallet boxes – with insulation from around £120” remarks Rose.

Doctor not Drug Dealer “The most important thing for us when we’re building a cool box for our customers is to understand what they are trying to achieve and how they are transporting their load” Rose concluded. It underlines their principles as a business that they will take time to really understand what needs fixing before prescribing a pill… or in this case… a Pallite®.


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