In today’s fast-moving logistics operations promoting and maintaining safe working environments is vital. Storax SP pallet racking ranges not only offer dependable performance but can also be accessorised to protect your goods and your people.
For instance, fitting Storax floor-mounted column guards and rack end protector kits not only defends your racking against truck impact but can also create highvisibility demarcation between racks, aisles and walkways to further enhance safety.

Incorporating P&D (‘Pickup and Deposit’) stations onto the ends of Storax SP pallet racking means that dedicated trucks work exclusively within aisles while ‘feeder’ trucks transfer pallets between the P&D station and goods in/despatch points. This increases pallet put-away and retrieval rates while also minimising the number of trucks that operate in communal warehouse areas, reducing the risks to pedestrians and operatives.

Don’t forget that your warehouse racking is a valuable resource in its own right, too! As well as training your truck operatives in safe systems of working, regular inspection and upkeep of your storage equipment helps to ensure that your operation remains safe, while also extending the life of your investment. Storax recommend that you employ the services of a qualified, trained assessor – for example, a SEMA Approved Racking Inspector (SARI) – to be sure that you receive professional, comprehensive, impartial advice.

If an inspection results in the need to unload and decommission racking bays until repairs are complete, you’ll want the remedial work to be carried out promptly. Storax SP80 SEMA-compliant racking is available from stock in the UK through a network of trade dealers, which means that repairs and add-ons to SP80 SEMA-compliant installations can be completed quickly, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Storax Racking Supplies – the UK stockist and tradeonly wholesale distributor of SP80 racking – is a full member of the SEMA Distributor Group (SDG) and an associate member of SEMA. In September 2016 they were voted into 1st place in the annual SDG Supplier of the Year awards at the SEMA/SDG combined AGM. It was the 5th successive year that they had received recognition from their trade partners.

This year Storax shared the platform with 2nd place Troax, supplier of mesh partitioning that can be fitted to Storax SP80 racking to create tamperresistant secure storage and/or to prevent pallets from being pushed out of the back of racking. These placings were a carboncopy of last year’s result. Well done to them and to us!