The new TOPS ePOD system which provides for obtaining proof-of-deliveries in real-time is the main talking point on the Fargo Systems exhibition stands this year.

Fargo-Systems-Vertical---White-Background1The solution provides truck companies, freight forwarders and shipping lines with a zero-administration route to not just receiving proofs of deliveries from their own drivers but from their subcontracted suppliers also.

TOPS ePOD is not just about the proof-of-delivery. It provides a very efficient way of getting the full transport order instructions to the driver with the benefit of no EDI link being required – the only requirement on their side being a smartphone or other mobile device such as a tablet or laptop with a data-connection.

It caters for real-time status updates capturing times at each location and allows the driver to view the locations on a map and update ETAs. Once the proofof- delivery is received it is immediately visible to the transport planning team and automatically sent to the signatory/pre-specified email address.

As General Manager Steve Collins observes “We think every driver has a smartphone these days and the real beauty of the system lies in its simplicity – not just for the transport planner but for the driver or supplier also. Trials of other solutions often fail due to a lack of time to dedicate to them and the on-going challenge of keeping on top of changes of equipment or suppliers. However once the TOPS ePOD system has been initially configured there is literally no further setup or ongoing maintenance required.” He’s right – the solution is indeed very simple.

V10---IntroThere is no need to worry about who has what device as is often the case for telematics solutions and for drivers it seems no training is required.

Combined with no upfront costs TOPS ePOD would appear to tick every box.

Steve Collins

Tel: 0845 834 0345