Maria Sopwith – Amethyst Group

Knapp-logoAn ambitious and high performing individual with over 20 years’ warehousing and logistics experience, Maria is making a remarkable contribution to the Amethyst Group. Maria is Distribution Centre Manager for two DCs in Wellesbourne with a total footprint of 180,000 square feet with up to circa 20,000 pallet spaces and managing around 150 staff at peak. A great role model to her team and the group, Maria has delivered on or above target PBT to the group for several years running. Her collaborative and inclusive approach to clients and colleagues establishes and maintains long term relationships for the benefit of all. Maria’s belief in flexibility, discipline and responsibility delivers consistent high standards of service and quality to clients.

Natalie Wilkinson – Potter Logistics

The operation manager at Potter Logistics’ Ely Distribution Centre, Natalie has shown a strong and hands-on people management style, developed over her five years in the role together with her previous two years in customer service. Having a keen awareness of Health and Safety issues, Natalie devised a reward scheme, which has increased near miss reporting by 32%; raised the site score in the annual Group Safety Audit by over 96%. Natalie has also developed innovative and sustainable initiatives to deliver continuous improvements in warehouse management including cycle counting across all clients, not just for those who have stipulated in their contract, resulting in improved productivity and stock accuracy across all clients – among which Birkdale and Fire Angel achieve 99.99% stock accuracy. By spearheading training, Natalie has kept headcount down by two saving the company circa £32,000 a year.