CG Flooring Systems Ltd has completed a project to repair damaged concrete floor joints in a busy operational warehouse.


Industrial flooring specialists CG Flooring Systems Ltd has recently completed a project to repair damaged concrete floor joints in a busy operational warehouse, using CoGri Rapid Mender and the CoGri Joint Stabilisers, from the CoGri Groups range of professional floor repair products.

Impact on the clients materials handling equipment (MHE) and their drivers was being felt as they passed over the damaged and rocking floor joints. The brief from the client was to provide an effective, long term solution to repair the floor joints and remove the rocking movement experienced at the joints. The work was also to be carried out around the ongoing warehouse operations.

As interruptions to the daily operation had to be kept to an absolute minimum, the use of CoGri Rapid Mender repair mortar with its ultra fast curing time ensured traffic operations could resume within just one hour and critical to the success of this project. Once the re-building of the damaged floor joints was complete and the CoGri Rapid Mender had fully cured, CoGri Joint Stabilisers were installed to provide positive load transfer capabilities at the floor joints. Both parts of the repair process are quick and clean and no section of the floor was out of action for more than an hour at a time.

The finished repairs provide a smooth transition for the MHE as they pass over the floor joints, ensuring a bump free ride for the forklift truck drivers. The use of high quality floor repair products which are designed with a busy warehouse operation in mind, combined with the knowledge of a specialist industrial flooring contractor ensured the clients requirement was met. In very good time!