PPS Midlands and PPS East are attending FOODEX 2014 to showcase its services and range of Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) that includes plastic pallets, crates, containers and pallet boxes. They provide customers with a very flexible and comprehensive service that includes the rental, management, wash and repair of all types of returnable packaging.


The success of PPS lies in the combined knowledge of returnable packaging throughout the food industry and the efficient management of equipment supported by its own in-house developed IT tracking system. This monitors the movement of product

and therefore, minimises equipment losses by accountability. The core business of PPS East in Grimsby is servicing the fish industry, whilst PPS Midlands works with the meat, poultry, produce and bakery sectors.

PPS has been promoting the advantages of returnable transit packaging for a number of years and whilst the carbon footprint reduction is currently in vogue, the major driving factor in the move to returnable plastic equipment is economics. It may be an added benefit to claim you are reducing your carbon footprint, but the reality is that unless the exercise is also cost-effective no manager will sanction it. Where PPS has introduced their RTE equipment and management systems it has resulted in considerable cost savings for its clients.


At both modern sites, PPS have two state of the art wash facilities accredited to BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution, where they hygienically wash all their own returnable transit packaging (RTP) and return shrink-wrapped and ready for use.

The service is also offered to third parties on an ad hoc or contract basis and the system is very flexible and has successfully washed a broad cross-section of returnable packaging, including bale arm crates, tote boxes, attached lid boxes, fish boxes, plastic pallets, pallet boxes and containers. PPS has a wide customer profile including the food, retail and automotive sectors.

stack001In early 2014, PPS is investing in new wash lines at both sites, which will double their wash capacity and extend the service to more interested parties. As more companies experience the benefit of returnable equipment, the need for equipment washing increases.

Sales & Marketing Director Joanne Moss commented, “Foodex is the ideal platform to showcase the environmental benefits of returnable packaging as it is now replacing cardboard boxes and other single trip packaging as the preferred method for food transportation. At PPS we are experienced at helping our customers make this move which not only creates environmental benefits but cost savings too!

For further details, visit stand no: K349 to meet the team or contact Joanne Moss on Tel: 01530 515333 or visit www.ppsequipment.co.uk

PPS Midlands

Joanne Moss, Sales & Marketing Director

Tel: 01530 515333

E: Joanne.moss@ppsequipment.co.uk