Despite an impressive variety of technical standards and regulations, each year many workers are killed or injured as a result of forklift accidents.


The lack of visibility or the operator’s distraction are often the main cause of accidents which can have serious consequences.

Though collision avoidance systems offer a valid aid to forklift operators, only an insignificant number of  companies are equipped with state-of-the-art safety devices.

Cy.Pag, a reputed Italian company specialising in the automation industry, designed an innovative active collision avoidance system to protect the operator and pedestrians, goods being transported as well considerably decreasing damages to trucks and infrastructure.

Cy.Pag’s collision avoidance system is an active maneuvering system for forklifts able to detect potential obstacles in the operating range of the vehicle.

The system prevents and avoids the risk of collision during maneuvers and offers the possibility to slow down and stop the movement of the vehicle in two critical situations:

• reverse maneuvering

• load lifting

Whenever an imminent collision risk is spotted, visual and acoustic signals warn the operator, the vehicle slows down and blocks, thus dramatically reducing the danger of collision.


The system consists of an ultrasonic sensor, which has been patented, capable of consistently and reliably detecting an object up to 4 meters from the emission point. Side receivers allow to get echoes from lateral obstacles up to 1.5 meters. The combination of central and side sections generates a detecting angle of 180°.

The advanced display may be regarded as the core of the system. It works as a central unit processing incoming signals received from the sensor.

Extremely compact it can be easily installed in the cab without the need of invasive operations.

According to a survey carried out by Cy.Pag, the collision avoidance system can reduce up to 80% the risk of accidents to people involved in maneuvering operations and up to 90% the risk of material damages to property.

The technical innovation as well as the unique device have been appreciated by end users and operators in several European countries including the UK where Cy.Pag has a dealer.

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