Do you wish your vacuum was easier to empty? Would you like to be able to vacuum wet and dry materials without changing filters or modes? Does the cloth filter waft clouds of filthy dust all over you when it’s time to empty it? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you’ll be pleased to see the arrival of the Brigadier® vacuum cleaner range.

APM Agriplant is pleased to announce the launch of a revolutionary new vacuum designed for industrial use. The Brigadier DS-3450 has been carefully specified to tick all the boxes for the demanding user and features some real benefits for the user in terms of safety and performance.

“Having carefully researched the marketplace, it’s clear that one of the biggest issues people have with their industrial vacuum equipment is encountered when emptying,” says Mac Coleman, general manager of APM. “Not only are conventional vacuums extremely cumbersome and awkward to empty, but when they’re full they’re a real Health and Safety hazard. With the Brigadier emptying is a quick and easy process that takes the effort and the risk out of the whole procedure. The operator simply lifts a handle which smoothly lowers the collection tank, which in turn can be simply wheeled out to a dumping point” (DS3450 & DS3450XP models).

Built to extremely high quality standards, the Brigadier is fitted with three heavy duty 1150w motors, which are all independently switchable for maximum efficiency, and features small but highly significant details such as extra cable gland protection, heavy-duty motor housing clips, and smooth rolling castors, one of which is braked.

And for applications where liquids are often encountered the new Brigadier WD-3450 is a compact version of the original unit, boasting exceptional wet & dry suction with a conventional emptying system for dry materials and a hose tail for liquids. The Brigadier WD-3450 excels in tasks where all sorts of materials can be encountered, including oil and sludge. “We’ve developed the new WD-3450 to allow vacuuming of liquids, sludge and muck without having to stop to change filters. Similarly oil spills are no problem for the Brigadier – it literally swallows the lot in one gulp!” says Mr Coleman.

Available for delivery direct to your warehouse or factory nationwide, the Brigadier range can also be viewed in action on line at – call 01794 388622 for a brochure or more information


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