Advance Pro Technologies (APT) recently launched its upgraded software, Advance Pro V.9 (AP V.9). The launch marks a major milestone in the company’s recent history with the first major software upgrade in over 3 years.

AP V.9 is an upgraded inventory management software, designed to help streamline business process technology, saving users time and money. Through its introduction, AP V.9 now boasts over 200 feature rich functions and 10 add on modular services. This list includes, but is not limited to, resource management, sales tax per line item, service items, landed cost freight management, drill down enhancement, batch invoice email, enhanced cycle counts and picking location functionality, SKU activity dashboard, direct vendor bill and print consolidated invoice.

In tandem with the launch of V.9, APT announced the redevelopment and enhancement of their Point of Sale, Web Connector and Web Service Suite – a combination of B2B, B2C and Sales Rep Portal – to complement the new features brought forth by the upgraded software.

“The APT technology at its core is a very powerful database management system made up of multiple layers of input opportunities that generates dynamic information in real time,” says Israel Ellis, President of AdvancePro Technologies. “Our new AP V.9 ensures an easy adoption for new users and a smooth transition for our current customers upholding our commitment to service and product quality.”

APT holds the Intuit coveted Gold star rating with a 9.0 rating, the highest ranked amongst its piers in the intuit market place.

AdvancePro Technologies

AdvancePro Technologies offers flexible and affordable inventory management software suitable for QuickBooks® users, importers/exporters, online retailers, 3rd party logistics warehouses and any other inventory based business. The software is designed to help streamline buying, selling and shipping processes to improve operational efficiency, while conserving human and financial resources.

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