sorrento-ip-triple-silver.jpgTansun, the world’s leading manufacturer of quartz electric heaters has launched a powerful heating system designed especially for hard-to-heat factories and warehouses. The launch of the energy-efficient Sorrento IP is timely – coming at the same time as the Carbon Trust is offering interest-free loans of up to £200,000 as an incentive to SME’s to invest in green technology, including more efficient heating systems. There are no arrangement fees and the application process is straightforward.

Under the offer, businesses have up to four years to pay back the loan, during which time energy bills will be reduced – often more than compensating for repayments. Carbon emissions will also be cut therefore helping the environment.

Tansun’s modular Sorrento IP can either be used as an individual heater or built up into heating banks with up to a maximum 12 Kw output, thereby creating a bespoke system tailored to suit individual purposes.

Because unique quartz-electric technology means only people themselves are heated, rather than the air around them, the Sorrento IP is ideal for large hard-to-heat buildings as valuable heat is not wasted on redundant air space. Also, they can be teamed with Tansun’s variable controllers which not only add to their energy efficiency but also maximise user comfort.

Furthermore, as an IP-rated weatherproof heater, the Sorrento IP can be permanently fixed either inside or outside for year-round use.

Sorrento IP can be quickly installed by a qualified electrician with minimum disruption to existing operations and the system can easily be added to or altered to suit different needs and developing requirements.

It requires very low maintenance and has a long lamp life averaging 7,000 hours, remaining effective over time with a constant level of heat

Utilising Philips advanced infrared technology, the quartz gold-series lamp is available in 1kw, 1.5 Kw and 2.0Kw power options.

A multi-directional bracket allows for easy vertical and horizontal adjustment.

Established for over 20 years Tansun have built a reputation for manufacturing world-class equipment incorporating innovative technology teamed with unrivalled after sales service.

The name Tansun is synonymous with quality and confidence and as world leaders in quartz-electric heaters Tansun’s extensive range has been enjoyed worldwide in many different capacities.

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