Swisslog are a global supplier of integrated logistics solutions and a world leading supplier of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). Backed up by their impressive portfolio of customers and a supply of more than 12,000 AGVs worldwide, Swisslog are able to offer AGV solutions derived from more than 30 years of experience. 

By working closely with customers Swisslog ensure their AGVs provide tangible operational benefits. These benefits include a reduction in operating costs through continuous 24 hour operation and improved efficiency, a reduction in the potential for injury and the reliable and timely delivery of materials. Flexibly tailored to each business and its individual processes; Swisslog AGVs also make it possible to achieve dramatic increases in output whilst substantially reducing production costs.

A wide range of transport tasks within manufacturing and storage operations can be automated and handled efficiently with Swisslog AGV systems. They are ideal for “just-in-time” supplies to production and achieve a uniform flow of materials without rush and noise. Swisslog ensure that their AGVs provide the highest degree of safety for customer’s goods, staff, plant and operational environment.

Swisslog’s diverse portfolio of customers is spread across all industry types. They identify four of the most common uses of their AGV systems:

1.The transportation of palletised goods from the end of the production line to warehouse or despatch (particularly common within the Food and Beverage Industry);

2.Transportation of parts between workstations in assembly plants within the automotive industry;

3.Damage free handling of reels and materials within the paper and printing industry;

4.Special purpose applications to replace manual operations in a diversity of industries handling     products from pharmaceuticals to helicopters!

Swisslog believe in establishing lifetime partnerships with customers and operate comprehensive customer support services to meet all upgrade and maintenance needs. Their customer support and spare parts division places them above competitors by having more than 40 trained technicians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to customer needs. Swisslog understand that maximum system up-time is a key requirement to all customers and therefore allocate their resources to help customers to achieve this.

Swisslog have the know-how to upgrade equipment of any manufacture to meet the needs of their customers today and for the foreseeable future. Within their supply they ensure AGV solutions are simple to modify or upgrade. Swisslog believe in facilitating customers to be involved in the operation and development of their own logistics systems and offer comprehensive training programmes when new systems are installed or existing systems upgraded. Their solutions are designed to be ‘living systems’ that can grow and adapt to the changing requirements of a customer’s application over time.

Swisslog are able to cater to all customer needs by offering a wide diversity in applications from vehicle type to navigation system; they provide AGVs for all business needs.

To find out how Swisslog AGVs can make your operation more efficient, please contact Brian Grady on or 07823 327 568.