1500.jpgAdvanced Fork Lift Truck Seats
A comfortable, efficient seat is essential for all material handling equipment operators. But now with the new EU ISO ride classes for lift trucks and other machinery brought into being by the Physical agents Directive or PAD, which came into force on July 6 2007, which enforces strict maximum vibration dosage limits on the employee, which must be monitored and measured by the employer, it is now essential that the operator sits on the most comfortable seat possible and that the seat transmits the least possible vibration to the operator. Not only is an efficient seat essential for comfort, there are also the personal health risks to consider. Lower-back injuries are an all too common occurrence in the industry, and many are attributable to poor seating.

Inventors of Modern Suspension Systems
Sears are the world leader in suspension technology and are the inventors of scissor suspensions, starting with rollers in 1965, air spring suspensions with rollers in 1980 and most recently VRS (Vibration Reduction System) Active Electro-magnetic suspensions in 2000. They are still the world’s number one suspension for ride with the VES (Vibration Elimination System) Active Electro-Hydraulic System, in 2001. Sears have over 100 industry related patents to their name. These Active seats are the seating industry’s ONLY proven products, with many thousands supplied to leading OEM’s each year.

The off road industry has benefited from the Lord Rheonetic magnetic fluid technology since 2000, with the Sears multi-award winning VRS suspension system. From 2007 the same technology began to be used on cars in the automotive sector, notably by Audi, Ferrari, and Honda. It only took the automotive sector 7 years to catch up with Sears’ advanced technology and watch out for active suspension cars as they will be on the road soon again 7 years behind Sears’ technology. No wonder it is said that Sears are the innovators of off road seats.

New Low Frequency Mechanical Suspension
Now Sears has another FIRST, a passive mechanical low profile suspension that operates at below 1.2Hz. The 1700, 1800 and 1900 series seat range offer genuine low frequency low vibration transfer solutions without the need to switch to air suspension.

Ride performance is exceptional, with better than 0.5m/sec2 available, more than meeting the requirements of ISO 7096, FEM 4.002 or IT1 & 2. With a new very low effort weight adjustment system and a load bearing capacity of 170kg, this new seat program, available in a range of back rest heights, is in full compliance with, or even exceeds, the very high performance safely standards of ISO 6683, SAE J386 when required. All this yet it is still a very cost effective solution.

More Comfort. More Support
Like all Sears seats this new seat range has many advanced features, such as an ergonomically sculptured back support for full range of movement, air lumbar support, upper backrests and headrests plus infinite seat back angle adjustment, seat cushion angle adjustment and extension, adjustable arm rests, and wide double depth cushions, seat heating and a wide variety of trim including leather. Being able to adjust the seat position to meet an operator’s specific preference means a comfortable, convenient seating position, which increases productivity by reducing fatigue.

Leaders In Seat Design Technology
Founded in 1855, the Sears Manufacturing Company is probably the world’s longest established company specialising in the design and manufacture of seating for industrial and commercial vehicles.

Working in partnership with major equipment manufacturers such as Yale, Hyster, Linde, Komatsu, plus Caterpillar, Deere and CASE and many others, for which the company produces branded seats, Sears Seating has developed a wide range of seats that meet the demands of the industry, the operator and all appropriate health and safety regulations.

Such is the range of seats and configurations available, that there is no need for compromise. Replacing or even upgrading the existing seat is usually a simple, economical way to provide the operator with a safer, more comfortable seat, and Sears engineers are able to provide full assistance.

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