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About our Magazine, Website & Newsletter
About our Magazine - Warehouse & Logistics News is recognised by growing numbers of UK materials handling professionals as an unrivalled information source. As the UK industry’s only fortnightly title, Warehouse & Logistics News is first with the news about key events and major product launches. It also delivers a lively, concise mix of product reviews, interviews and features on a wide spectrum of industry topics, in a clear, easy to read tabloid form. Take advantage of Warehouse & Logistics News continually updated circulation to bring your message to over 17,000 readers – a spread of industry sectors and a depth of coverage second to none. Talk to us today, about how to put your story across in the best way for your business!

About our Website - We launched our website four years ago and it has since become a valued information source for warehouse and logistics professionals. Our website offers you a further way to meet your clients' requirements through increased exposure and for those clients to reach more prospective customers, with the right message. Your release will appear on the website for at least a year. Our website received an average 2,301 visits a day between January and November 2005. The website appears high on the list of all major search engines in response to various key words. From our research, visitors return to the site frequently to see the latest news and feature articles, including the exclusive interviews reproduced from the magazine. We have also had requests from researchers and consultancies who have seen our website and want to quote our interviews in their reports and industry evaluations.

About our Email Newsletter - Business to business communication has changed - and nowhere more so than in the materials handling industry. Warehouse & Logistics News puts you in the front line by harnessing digital technology, to get your message across to a pinpointed industry audience. We send out our email newsletter on the first working day of every month to a growing database of industry professionals, with links to your article on our web site and through to yours. - it's down to you to be there! Our newsletter has rocketed from a mailing list of a handful of clients to thousands of recipients since we launched 18 months ago. - It's massively popular - and it works.

Recent Developments
During the last year we have invested in a number of major developments which together make our services to the industry even stronger than ever. Senior Appointments: These include Darren Thomas and Graeme Walker, both of whom have extensive publishing experience gained in various industry sectors. Technology: We have upgraded our design, production and I.T. systems to deliver first class media solutions for you or your clients. Newsletter: We have expanded our email newsletter database, into a mailing list of thousands. Website: We have re-designed our website, which is now accessed by thousands of visitors every day for authoritative industry information.

Features List 2006
Warehouse & Logistics News is the only fortnightly title for the industry in the UK. Our 2006 features will cover all the areas shown below, plus anything else you believe is relevant to the particular feature. We have also listed our regular features at the end of this section.

Cut off date is December 22nd
Mezzanine floors: includes mezzanine floors, access walkways and staircases for warehouses

Cut off date is January 13th
Pallet Management: includes PM software solutions plus pallet supply, retrieval and repair

Cut off date is January 27th
RFID: includes Radio Frequency Identification systems, tags and tag readers

Cut off date is February 17th
Warehouse Management Systems: includes latest WMS solutions and Voice technology:

MARCH 15th
Cut off date is March 3rd
Routing & Scheduling: includes fleet management systems and vehicle-mounted devices

Cut off date is March 17th
Pallet trucks: includes trucks for low-level order picking and high-speed transportation

APRIL 15th
Cut off date is March 31st
Batteries Report: includes batteries, battery charging and changing systems

MAY 1st
Cut off date is April 13th
Fork lift attachments: removable attachments for fork lift trucks, including weighing devices and gritting

MAY 15th
Cut off date is April 28th
The Loading Bay: includes doors, dock levellers and dock lifts for all types of warehouse, large and small

JUNE 1st
Cut off date is May 19th
Containers: we will cover the whole container market including plastic containers, metal containers and cages.

JUNE 15th
Cut off date is June 2nd
Handheld Technology: covers rugged devices for mobile working in the warehouse and outside

JULY 1st
Cut off date is June 2nd
Conveying & Sortation: automated materials handling equipment and solutions

JULY 15th
Cut off date is June 30th
Barcoding and Data Capture: latest devices and solutions reviewed

Cut off date is July 28th
Pallet racking: includes racking products and specialist solutions providers

Cut off date is August 18th
Order Picking: includes pick-to-light and voice-directed solutions

Cut off date is September1st
Building/Temporary Facilities: includes lighting, flooring, ventilation and air extraction, plus a look at temporary structures

Cut off date is September15th
Storage and Transport: includes pallets, containers and stillages for moving/holding goods in the warehouse

Cut off date is September29th
Shelving: covers heavy-duty general usage shelving for warehouses, including latest products and solutions providers

Cut off date is October 13th
Training: includes instruction for forklift truck drivers and other warehouse staff

Cut off date is September 15th
Health & Safety: all aspects of compliance with legislation, including vehicle reversing alarms, drive-away prevention equipment and flame proofing/explosion prevention for industrial trucks

Cut off date is November 17th
Doors and curtains: includes industrial doors, curtains and high-speed roller-shutters.

The following areas are covered in each issue, unless there is a more specific feature scheduled for that date as above:
  • Industry News
  • Appointments & Awards
  • Warehouse Flooring Products
  • Warehouse Products & Equipment
  • Fork Trucks: includes batteries and attachments
  • Logistics: third party logistics providers, pallet networks and IT for logistics
  • Packaging
  • Warehouse IT: devices and solutions for effective warehouse operations

Classified advertising sections: listed by product category.
For further details call 01923 272960

Advertising Rates - Magazine
Take advantage of Warehouse & Logistics News' continually updated circulation to bring your message to over 17,000 readers - a spread of industry sectors and a depth of coverage second to none. Talk to us today, about how to put your story across in the best way for your business!.

The prices for adverts in Warehouse & Logistics News are as follows:

asdasda 1 Issue 6 Issues 12 Issues
Double Page spread £2,500 £2,000 £1,500
Full A3 Page £1,450 £1,250 £1,000
A4 Page / Half A3 £1,000 £750 £500
Quarter A3 Horizontal £750 £500 £350
Half A4 £750 £550 £400
Quarter A4 £350 £300 £250

Advertising Rates - Website
All adverts on our website are the same size, 250 pixel X 56 pixel. If you go back to our homepage, you will be able to see the seize of the advberts down the right side of the page. on our website. When you click the adverts you will be directed to their respective websites.

The prices for adverts on our website are as follows:

as 1 Month 6 Months 12 Months
Home Page £150 £600 £900
News Pages £100 £400 £600
Logistics Pages £100 £400 £600
Lift Trucks Pages £100 £400 £600
E-comm Pages £100 £400 £600
Products Pages £100 £400 £600
People Pages £100 £400 £600

Advertising & Production Data - Magazine
Contact Andy Page if you require information regarding any aspect of the production cycle. He will be happy to help you. Tel: 01923 272932

Production Data
Photographs: 300dpi minimum
Disk format: CD-Rom
File format: TIFF, JPG, EPS, PDF
Software: QuarkXpress, Photoshop, Microsoft Word

Advert Size
Double Page Spread
(A2) 420 mm x 594 mm
Full Magazine Page (A3) 420 mm x 297 mm
Half Magazine Page (A4) 210 mm x 297 mm
Quarter Magazine Page (A5) 210 mm x 148 mm
Eighth Magazine Page (A6) 148 mm x 105 mm

* Other sizes are available on request
* Please leave an additional 5mm gutter around all adverts

Warehouse & Logistics News offers you the only opportunity in the industry for your classified advert to be seen every fortnight. Our adverts range from just £250 per year (21 issues).

Key subjects covered:
  • Batteries
  • Conveyors
  • Doors
  • Flooring
  • Forklifts
  • Logistics
  • Pallets
  • Racking
  • Temp. Warehouses
  • Training Providers
  • Weighing Systems

+ Many more areas covers, please contact us to find out more.

How to place your order
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