Exporta are known within the logistics industry as a leading company when it comes to sustainability, and they announced in May that they have once again achieved the PAS 2060 accreditation therefore confirming their carbon neutral status.

As a supplier of returnable plastic products such as pallets, containers, and crates, Exporta have to work extremely hard to ensure their products are sourced responsibly, utilising plastic that may have been discarded as waste and ensuring an accessible recycling system is available for their customers to utilise.

This news comes amidst exciting times at Exporta as the expansion of their distribution centre continues at pace.

Head of Business Services, Shona Laing, was delighted with the news. ‘It’s great we’ve once again been able to achieve our carbon neutral accreditation. Everyone in the business, our suppliers, and the team at Auditel have been crucial in making this happen and knowing the benefit this will have to our customers makes it all worthwhile.’

Exporta became the first carbon neutral supplier of plastic pallets in the UK early last year, and committing to sustainability is something Managing Director Dale Paterson is passionate about. ‘We see a lot of discussion about sustainability within our industry these days, but for me, we felt the only way to prove to our customers that we were taking our responsibilities seriously was to pursue carbon neutral, having achieved that in 2023 it’s great we’ve been able to maintain it. This gives our customers confidence that when they deal with Exporta, they are dealing with a supplier that puts sustainability at the heart of business operations.’

You can find out more about Exporta’s products and services by visiting their website using the contact details below. Visit their blog to discover more about their carbon neutral journey and find out how it can have a positive impact on your own business.

Visit: www.exportaglobal.co.uk

Email: sales@exportaglobal.co.uk

Phone: 0800 294 4394

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