A satisfied customer has returned to Union Industries for the fitting of a second high speed industrial door to enable it to keep production noise to a minimum, while transporting raw materials and products in and out as efficiently as possible.

Left to right – Gwynne Tuxford, Production Manager at Arbor Forest Products and Rob Howe, Technical Sales Engineer from Union Industries.

Arbor Forest Products, the UK’s leading independent timber importer and processor, which is based in Barrow Upon Humber, offers a bespoke milling service with the ability to process orders in 10 days.

It also turns imported wood into cladding and shed material, primed MDF mouldings, roofing battens, structural and landscaping timber and decking.

The productivity of its operations was impacted by an unreliable sectional overhead security door, which was experiencing issues due to impact damage, which led to the company returning to Union for its second Ramdoor.

The Ramdoor is known as the ‘Big Daddy’ of high-speed doors, due to its wind resistance and extremely robust construction from heavy duty materials and components.

It is activated by Union Industries’ new remote-control system, which was also retro-fitted to the existing Ramdoor at the site, fitted in 2004, allowing both doors to be activated on the same truck mounted remote control.

In addition, the Ramdoor provides the additional benefit of supporting noise reduction in line with the construction of the building, which was designed to help minimise the sound of the production process from within the factory. Union’s blades for the Ramdoor, which are manufactured from heavy-duty two-ply Ramhide material, are proven to reduce noise escaping from buildings.

Alongside the installation of the new door, Arbor Forest Products also asked Union Industries to update its existing door with new features due to increased wind speeds through the factory as a result of a new opening that has been created in the building.

Union refreshed the Ramdoor, which has been consistently operating at the site for 17 years, which included retrofitted Windbars along with a new door blade to withstand the new-found wind loads.

Rob Howe, Technical Sales Engineer at Union Industries, said: “We are really pleased to welcome Arbor Forest Products to a very long list of repeat customers. The company has benefited from the reliability and robustness of our Ramdoor for many years so it’s great to be able to add a second to its facility.”

“In addition to the productivity and efficiency gains the Ramdoor brings, it also meets Arbor Forest Products’ noise reduction strategy. Studies have shown that our Ramhide door blade material has decibel reducing capabilities, which makes it ideal for this application.”

“Studies show that our ‘Ramhide’ door blade material also has decibel reducing capabilities, so it absorbs the noise inside, making it perfect for Arbor Forest’s building that has been specifically designed for noise reduction.”

Gwynne Tuxford, Production Manager at Arbor Forest Products, said: “We have always been impressed with the quality and reliability of our existing rapid roll door from Union Industries, which has given us excellent service with minimal maintenance requirements for many years.

“When we decided to replace the sectional security door, the Ramdoor was always going to be our first choice, not only because of the effectiveness of the door, but also for the service from Union Industries with the installation of our new door as well as the upgrade to our existing Ramdoor.”




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