LAC provides Amazon Logistics with modular, scalable & robust conveyor solution to satisfy increased parcel handling throughput requirements.

Amazon have invested in a new conveyor solution from LAC Conveyors & Automation. Amazon Logistics is a major player in the logistics arena. With a network of more than 800 Amazon Delivery Service Partners (DSP) and more than 75,000 drivers, parcel deliveries operate 7 days a week and 365 days per year, providing additional capacity for customers to enjoy Amazon Prime’s benefit of next day delivery.

The Brief

Amazon’s existing parcel sortation system offered limited inducts to infeed into their conveyor system, which meant they were unable to meet their increasing parcel handling throughput requirements of 15,000 parcels per hour. Having an existing conveyor system not built for increased demand, Amazon contacted LAC to design a solution that would deliver the required throughput. In addition to this, the parcel handling system had to be future proof to cope with future increasing throughput requirements.

The Challenge

LAC’s design team had to consider how to accommodate the increased throughput of 1 parcel every 2 seconds within the space allocated. The parcel handling system had to be designed to accommodate for varying parcel sizes and shapes, anywhere from 100mm x 100m x 3mm to 1500mm x 750mm x 750mm. In addition, the LAC team had to remove the existing system and install the new conveyor solution within a tight time frame, meaning the layout of the conveyor system would have to be robust and quick to install.

The Solution

Amazon’s parcel handling solution is a clever configuration of standard LAC conveyors, utilising the space available. The system is comprised of 10 motorised induct conveyors to handle product infeed. Parcels are diverted using belt driven takeaway conveyors. A combination of transverse conveyor, herringbone section, “O” ring drive curves, tapered roller bends, incline conveyors and motorised transfer rollers are used for the reliable distribution of varying parcels.

In areas where manual interaction was required, LAC used centralising conveyor sections to ensure a central flow is maintained, eliminating the risk of parcel snagging. On exit, parcels are transferred to a 50m “fingers” roller conveyor section, where the operator would pick to light in preparation for dispatch.

LAC designed bespoke safety shrouds for exposed elements where operators could access, minimising the risk of damage to goods. A total of 700 metres of conveyors were supplied and are designed to carry load capacity ranging from 50kg to 100kg.

The Testimonial

“The installation of the new mechanical conveyors at DDN1 has been a game changer both in terms of increasing our operational efficiency and capacity, but also in our customer promise in speeding up our orders process. LAC provided a first-class service during the installation ensuring all site and health and safety standards were exceeded.” Craig Fowler, Senior Delivery Station Manager – Amazon Logistics.

The Benefits

•Offering increased throughput of 15,000 parcels per hour

•Modular design offers easy scalability

•Designed to handle varying loads from 50kg to 100kg

•Robust and reliable system

•Designed to accommodate for varying parcel shapes and sizes

•Quick to install


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