Here at F-TEC, it’s been a year of growth and in more ways than one. This year has seen a great deal of success – including a record number of courses for engineers and apprentices and outstanding feedback from everyone involved.

Karl Baum
Managing Director of F-TEC

Working with more employers and engineers than ever before, we knew our dedicated training facility in Swindon needed to grow and develop, too. In the spring, just months after it opened, we increased our capacity by 33%.

And, thanks to the generosity of Crown Lift Trucks, our fleet of forklifts for our students to learn on has expanded, too. Introducing diverse and new equipment like this means F-TEC engineers gaining experience from a wide variety of highquality lift trucks.

Developing your engineers’ skills is arguably the most potent way of growing any service organisation’s productivity and profitability. It equips your engineers to work faster and achieve higher first-time fix rates.

What’s more, by increasing their versatility, they’re able to tackle a wider range of tasks… and it’s this that is key to increasing job satisfaction and staff loyalty. To help employers and engineers meet their goals, we are now offering a whole-life route-map for career development that is tailored to your organisation’s precise needs. By looking at the workforce, its competencies, your current and potential workload and upcoming plans, we can create a training programme which meets your workflow now… and into the future.

Where suitable, plans can be cradle-tograve: from identifying and training apprentices through to investing in the elite skills (chargeable at a premium rate) of a Level 4 graduate.

Developed by F-TEC, our Level 4 course focuses on advanced diagnostics and aligns traditional methods with state-of-the-art technologies for a deeper understanding of vehicle systems. This ensures they can diagnose more quickly and with greater certainty than using fault codes alone.

In October, our inaugural class of engineers graduated. All eight successfully achieved the advanced levels of specialist technical knowledge, understanding and practical skills necessary to gain the Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Automotive Studies for Master Technicians – Lift Truck.

To find out how our scheme can deliver the competencies your organisation requires, structured in a planned, continuous and cost-effective way, then visit or call 01793 686182.


01793 686182

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