David Evans MBE is the Founder of Matilda’s Planet – a new kind of company helping you reduce your energy bills. Here he explains the principles behind his organisation.

“Global warming, climate control, sustainability, environmentally friendly, green… the subject is in the news constantly. We all know that we can’t go on burning fossil fuels the way we are currently, for the most simple of reasons – we’re going to run out of the stuff.

Indeed, long before we run out, it’s going to get more and more expensive to buy – and for many, too expensive, too soon.

Coal, gas and oil power our world brilliantly. When we plug the kettle in it boils; when we start the car it drives us where we want; when we’re cold we put the heating on or, when we’re hot, we switch on the air conditioning. And now we’ve got used to this way of living, we don’t really want to change.

So if we’re going to carry on doing what we’re used to doing, we need to find ways of powering our kettles, cars, rooms and our lives generally, by using fuels that we can afford – both in terms of pure cash and in terms of their impact on our planet.

Or we need to do the same with a lot less fuel. Or, better still, use fuels that won’t run out or hurt the planet.

We all know that changing the way we consume energy is something we have to do – but actually doing anything about it is a challenge. Matilda’s Planet came from a little girl’s belief that it’s the job of the ‘grown-ups’ to make sure that the legacy we leave for our children is one both we, and they, can be proud of.

We’re thinking differently about the problem and are developing solutions that have a genuine, customer benefit at their heart – if you buy and use our products they WILL save you money.

Not “eventually”, not “over a period of 25 years”, but today. By using Matilda’s Planet Products, our customers are beginning the journey to change our energy consumption.

That’s why fitting our LED lights into warehouses, distribution centres & cold stores makes sense – you make significant savings on your energy bills by using a lot less electricity.

We know the need is great and growing by the hour. The need for change is now.

Matilda’s Planet is working hard to ensure that we’re doing just that – producing products that the market needs, that customers want – and the planet is crying out for.”

Matilda’s Planet


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