With 2011 drawing to a close, it’s been another good year for A-Safe (UK) Limited, of Halifax, West Yorkshire.

A-Safe’s unique flexible safety barriers products, which are BS6399 and BS6180 certified, have been catching the eye of a number of blue-chip manufacturing businesses, with names such as  Nestle, Coca Cola, Kimberley Clark and Toyota installing them at sites to protect staff and products, and reduce maintenance costs.  

They have also installed their barriers at Gatwick and Manchester airport, and are fast becoming the product of choice at warehouses and workshop floors all over the world.

Why are people choosing A-Safe over steel?

There are many reasons:  A-Safe barriers come with a built in memory.  Upon impact, they absorb force and return immediately to their original shape.  As a result, they cause no damage to concrete floors.  Add to that the fact that they don’t rust, corrode or scratch (so they don’t need repainting), 500m of A-Safe Barriers could save a company £115,000 in repairs and maintenance compared to conventional steel barriers.

They are also greener than their steel counterparts.  Did you know that 100m of A-Safe Traffic Barrier has 4.5 times less carbon footprint than Armco Barrier over 5 years life?  With more and more firms taking note of their carbon emissions, A-Safe barriers not only protect staff and premises…they do their bit for protecting the environment too.

So… what for 2012?

It’s an exciting time for A-Safe.  Their product catalogue is growing and RackGuard, a simple yet innovative protection device for safeguarding pallet racks was launched at the end of 2011. A-Safe predict that this will be a huge hit with new and returning customers next year.

2012 also sees the firm move to new premises.  Interest and orders have become so great that they’re running out of room for production, and they will move to a new site just a few miles away in Elland which is almost double the size of their current home.

A-Safe director James Smith said: “At A-Safe we aim to be the best we can ever be.  We do this by offering the most complete customer service from end to end; from initiating innovative design in meeting our client’s exact needs, including products like RackGuard, to ensuring existing customers have the best after care.”

A-Safe are fast becoming the product of choice for many.  And that can be summed up by Adrian Clifford, Engineering Manager at Wavin, Doncaster who simply states: “We do not talk about safety barriers or armco, just – A-Safe.  We say ‘here’s what we need, what’s in the A-Safe catalogue’”


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