The Project

Bathstore were looking for a system to allow dynamic daily operational workload planning to ensure that their fleet resources were used as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.


Bathstore is a great success story.  From an original concept of ‘Simply Bathrooms’ which offered customers great style and specialist knowledge at an affordable price, the company has grown in size, service, products and profitability over nearly 20 years.

Today, Bathstore is the UK’s leading specialist bathroom retailer – a reflection of how they are continuing to offer great style and value alongside the highest level of consultancy advice.


• First store opened, operating as Simply Bathrooms


• First distribution centre opened in Hackbridge – 20,000 sq ft

• Began sourcing and designing their own exclusive products


• Rebranded as

• Operate more than 10 stores


• Become part of the Wolseley Group

• Operated more than 60 stores


• Opened a distribution centre in Didcot – 260,000 sq ft

• Rebranded as Bathstore

• Opened new Head Office in Watford


• More than 160 stores nationwide (126 owned stores, 38 franchise stores)

• Shortlisted for Retail Award ‘Speciality Retailer of the Year’

• Two distribution centres allowed them keep all core products in stock


• Moved distribution network from 2 distribution centres to 1 outsourced to DHL


• The UK’s leading specialist bathroom retailer

• 500 people working for Bathstore

Our experience so far

Nigel Molloy, Bathstore Head of Logistics says; “LogiX has proven to be an easy to use and scalable software package, which has coped well with the challenges of the changing shape of our storage and delivery network. Our use of LogiX has allowed a significant reduction in vehicles used and kilometres travelled, while we maintained high levels of customer service. These efficiencies have led to substantial savings in labour, equipment, and fuel spend, which has been reinvested to ensure that our customers receive the best possible deals and service.”

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