Citizen Systems Europe has launched an innovative new eco-friendly CT-S310II receipt printer. Designed with unique energy saving features, such as power and paper functions that can cut receipt paper waste and energy consumption, the unit provides significant cost savings for end users and gives value added resellers a number of important additional sales features.

Citizen is the leading manufacturer of label, barcode, portable and POS printers and its latest CT-S310II printer continues the company’s tradition of innovation, offering energy-efficient service without compromising performance. The print, sleep and standby functions help save energy consumption during use, while the three different paper saving options that dictate top margin, line spacing and font compression lower paper usage, minimising the frequency of paper roll changes.

As a mid-range printer, the CT-S310II comes with the same features as Citizen’s high end printer range. The print head has a long life capability of 150km, which can be extended to 200km through Citizen’s unique patented Long Life Print (LLP) Technology, while the two million cycle auto cutter is designed to give long lasting durability. This is well above standard printer specifications and avoids the need for regular component replacement, reducing operating costs still further.

This new printer features convenient tool-free maintenance system, while the auto cutter and printer head components are easily removable for quick maintenance, keeping downtime to a minimum. These components are also used on the CT-S600/800 series printers, so replacements are readily available now and interchangeable when necessary.

The features of the CT-S310II all have a positive impact on the environment and, furthermore, the printer meets ENERGY STAR® criteria; a symbol earned by energy-efficient products that offer savings on energy bills without sacrificing performance, features, and comfort. To add to its green credentials, the printer comes in a halogen-free housing and is supplied in recyclable packaging.

The CT-S310II is particularly suited for all POS applications in retail and hospitality and can easily integrate into a wide range of applications. As with all of Citizen’s printers, the CT-S310II is backed by the company’s excellent customer support service.

Citizen Systems Europe operates from locations throughout Europe covering the EMEA region. It offers a wide range of printers for industrial, retail, healthcare and mobile applications specialising in label, barcode, portable and point-of-sale printers.

Citizen System Europe

Jörk Schüßler, European Marketing Manager

Tel: 020 8893 1900


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