Beaverswood have continuously strived to bring new and innovative products to the marketplace. One such new product is frames4docs:

Frames4docs are a unique range of colour coded frames designed for easy and prominent document display. They are perfect for use in offices, shops, libraries and throughout industry to display all types of literature, certificates and information. The frames are colour coded using red, blue, yellow and green. All four of these safety colours comply with British Safety Standards and are therefore ideal for displaying health and safety information including fire and hazard notices. These frames can also help portray important information and act as reminders for all staff in 5S and Lean Manufacturing.

The magnetic frames4docs have a very strong pull force and can be applied to any flat steel surface. The design allows for documents to be easily inserted or removed without moving the frame.

The self-adhesive frames4docs have an aggressive adhesive that has been selected to adhere to most sealed surfaces. Self-adhesive frames are permanent and can also be fixed to glass doors, shop windows or partitions enabling documents to be viewed from both sides. This design allows for documents to be easily changed when required.

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