International plastic pallet manufacturer – Craemer recently introduced additional versions of the plastic pallet CR3-5 into the UK market – designed for optimum hygiene and durability, with maximum heavy load stability and safety in handling assured due to the unique antislip surface. This has come about as a result of customer demands to meet specific handling requirements in many different markets, including frozen and chilled food and applications.  

The 1200x1000mm pallet CR3-5, which pioneered the use of permanently “welded”, anti-slip profiles on the upper deck of plastic pallets has become the “ultimate” plastic pallet in providing all round cost effective handling solutions.

The one- piece injection moulded HDPE pallet is now available with a choice of 3 retaining rim heights, including a special 22mm rim that can be used in conjunction with the anti-slip top deck profiles to provide extremely secure transportation of plastic crates.

In certain applications where moisture may be present, it has been suggested that plastic pallets can slip from the forks of trucks as a result of heavy braking or cornering at speed. To assist in providing a more positive surface grip, Craemer CR3-5 pallets can now be supplied with four 150mm x 150mm anti-slip profiles on the under deck. Trials and customer feedback have already proven this to be an effective solution to the problem of slippage and enhances health and safety in the work place.

The CR3-5 is also now available as a fully specified regranulated version, manufactured from first grade recycled HDPE, to providing a cost effective ‘entry level’ pallet. Known as the CR3-5R, this is suitable for racking applications where pallet capacity will not exceed 800 kgs and comes complete with anti-slip upper deck profiles as standard. CR3-5R can also be specified with other rim and anti-slip options.

The Craemer CR3-5 continues to be widely used in returnable pooling systems, but its versatility is also demonstrated as it has been specified and produced especially for use in the pharmaceutical market, where there can be restrictions and regulation on material used in equipment. For certain areas of production subject to spark risks, pallets with anti-static additives are manufactured to strict criteria and supplied with accreditation to confirm that all the pallets supplied are manufactured to the approved and agreed standards.

Craemer’s new extended range of CR3-5, now available in regranulated material and with optional features, enables plastic pallets to be customised to provide all round solutions to meet individual requirements and budgets.

Craemer can advise on plastic pallet selection and will even support customers by analysing individual applications and undertaking test runs using customers own products on sample pallets.

Full details of the extended CR3-5 range is available on request or visit the website

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