The noted Bulmor forklift group – manufacturers of the highly regarded Lancer brand – has proudly announced under the Bulmor flag the new Compact Sideloader model Qc 30-40 in distinctive blue livery notably launched at the recent Timber Expo event in the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

This clever truck extends the sideloader product range down to the popular three ton capacity. It offers total versatility where maximum space utilization and safe material handling are essential. The compact design saves space and financial outlay whilst incorporating the notable optimal ergonomics standard with the sideloader range including an adjustable joystick and elevated operator seat for unobstructed view and all-round vision. As with all of the Bulmor range the new truck is robust and reliable and is totally equipped with distinctive features and benefits without compromising on quality and incorporates the same masts, axles, and hydraulic components. The Qc is equipped with standard road lighting and can easily be allowed to travel on streets.

As standard the Bulmor sideloader is equipped with a half-cabin but optionally available is a full cabin which then comes with heater and ventilation. Equally the large pneumatic tyres add to the driver comfort as much as the Pendeling system levels out shocks resulting from uneven ground.

The truck is available with Diesel and LPG models and Bulmor is proud to feature the Perkins engine brand because of its dependability, power and service support.

In a phrase the Bulmor Qc 30-40 is the essential proper and safe choice for specialist industry sectors.

* Please note the handy folding guide to the complete range included in this issue and for further details please call Bulmor Lancer on 01525 378000 *

Bulmor Lancer

Tel: 01525 378000


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