The bitter taste of poor quality remains long after the sweet taste of low price is forgotten – said a famous poet centuries ago and this very much applies to the Lancer brand of forklift trucks from the niche manufacturer Bulmor.

They don’t claim to be the cheapest – simply the best.

This is known by manufacturers and more importantly by eveyone having to shift long and bulky loads within their operations. A notable case in point is Ultraframe, one of the largest producers of domestic window and door products and conservatories within the UK. There is a common link that Ultraframe shares with steel yards, timber businesses and the manufacturing industry: fast efficient materials handling is vital for the business. All those customers have probably never met or even heard of one another but they all fall back to a single solution when it comes to their materials handling needs: strong, robust and reliable Lancer Sideloaders.

One might think all those customers need the same truck – however many variables need to be considered when matching a truck to a specific application. The capacity, platform width and lift height are the more obvious ones but be reassured there is much more to take in to account before the truck is finally delivered to the customer.

In the Ultraframe situation for example one of the sideloaders was equipped with an hydraulic pantograph for extra reach to complement the low platform. As a result the company uses their space even more now since trailers can be loaded from only one side and the material can be doubled within aisles. Other features of the LQN 50 model supplied with its 5000 kg capacity are a fully enclosed safe cabin; heat and defrost system; pre-controlled functions; adjustable steering column and easy access to the rear platform

Besides finding the right truck for each application, Lancer via the Bulmor group provides financing and service to suit any business. With their rental fleet they can even bridge over periods with demands higher than usual.



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