Specially adapted Crown GPC 3040 2.0 tonne low-level order pickers clinched the deal to supply the handling equipment at Next’s two new 1.1 million sq ft warehouses in Yorkshire’s Dearne Valley.

The application

So as to maximise the number of pallets in the 4 miles of picking aisles, Next required a double-pallet machine to pick Homeware items from two levels up to 3.3 metres high.

Mark Eccleston, Crown UK’s Major Accounts Manager, explains: “To gain as many pick locations as possible, Next wanted an additional level of racking. The low-level order pickers, therefore, had to raise the driver to a height of 1.8 metres.

“The obvious benefits of this rising platform are a dramatic increase in safety and efficiency. However, it presented a new problem – the absence of a suitable truck in today’s marketplace.”

Of the several manufacturers invited to suggest a solution, Crown won the day with its GPC 3040 2.0 tonne low-level order picker with an added internal mast to lift the cockpit to 1.8 metres.

Uniquely adapted Crown GPC 3040

Next wanted the trucks to be able to continue travelling in any direction while simultaneously lifting and lowering the cab. Thanks to Crown’s Access 123™ control system, which responds dynamically to operating conditions to ensure optimum safety at all times – even when cornering while lifting the cab, for example – this was relatively easy to engineer.

Access 123™ technology is complemented by Crown’s InfoPoint™ system for easy troubleshooting, faster fault diagnosis and less down time.

Completing the picture, Crown’s InfoLink® wireless fleet management system monitors and reports fleet usage and performance data in real time.

A popular addition to the workforce – superheroes!

An internal competition was held to come up with a suitable theme for naming each truck. Sci-fi was selected and, after receiving permission from Lucas Films and Marvel Comics, each truck was given a ‘superhero’ name. From Darth Vader to The Incredible Hulk, C3PO to Wolverine, each truck boasts a colourful graphic depicting a different character.


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