Hart Door Systems has installed a number of its automatic, high-speed Speedors in a new facility that opened at the Browns 2000 180,000 sq ft factory at Cramlington, Northumberland.

The addition to the business is a significant investment in an already state-of-the art factory that supplies kitchen and bedroom furniture and accessories across the UK.

Hart’s Speedors were installed in a purpose-built process plant that requires a dust-free environment with stable temperatures to ensure the highest standards of manufacture.

At nearby North Tyneside, Isoclad has several Hart Door Systems’ high-speed doors within its large West Chirton Industrial Estate building.

Isoclad, one of the UK’s major manufacturers of insulated panels and fire rated composite panels together with ancillaries, required an acceptable shop-floor environment in areas where there is frequent forklift truck activity into and out of the factory.

Hart Door Systems’ Speedors are also in frequent action at the Prudhoe, Northumberland, plant of SCA Hygiene Products where dust from the manufacture of personal care products needs to be contained in the large production areas.

Speedor is a leading automatic, high-speed, door system that is often used in situations that require temperature control or environmental controls such as the prevention of dust dispersal resulting from a manufacturing process.

At SCA Hygiene Products several Speedors have been installed to this end.

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