The Black Sea port of Novorossiysk is currently one of the most exciting logistics locations in the world. Russia’s largest seaport handling 74 million tonnes of freight (2005) represents a maritime hub for the growing goods flowing between Europe and Asia.

In the middle of things instead of just on the sidelines: 23 Clark forklifts with load capacities between 2.5 and 7 tonnes. The operator Noworossijskij Morskoi Torgowy Port (NMTP) 2007 launched an investment offensive with a program earmarked to span five years and amounting to 700 million US dollars. The declared goal: New terminals, roads and rail connections, cranes and warehouses coupled with state-of-the-art harbour systems – including the 23 Clark forklifts – aim to boost the cargo transhipment to over 100 million tonnes a year. Although freight such as petroleum and oil products are the most important product group to be loaded and transhipped, other products passing through the port include chemicals, grain, sugar, iron ore, cast iron and scrap metal, cement, non-ferrous metals, black metals, timber and containers.

Development of the container terminal, where the 23 Clark forklifts are currently in service, is particularly important for the port. The extension called for: a high degree of automation, the effective use of storage space, good control and monitoring and the reduction of unproductive activities to a minimum.

Just the right requirements profile for the agile Clark fleet in Novorossiysk, which is incidentally only 200 kilometres away from the Olympia site Sochi. As Elena Kossareva from the Moscow Clark dealer POLUS corroborates: “The most important advantages of the Clark forklifts come to the fore here: their ergonomic design and robust construction for applications calling for the highest performance.”

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