Spirit Data Capture Limited, the independent mobile computing and data capture consultancy, has supplied new Intermec CN3 Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) to Stapleton’s (Tyre Services) Limited.  The devices have already enhanced Stapleton’s stock control and customer account control.

Stapleton’s was previously using PDAs in its delivery vans to provide point of delivery control and  also used them for stock control in the company’s warehouses. However, the PDAs needed to be upgraded as they lacked sufficient functionality. The company’s IT Department started looking for robust and reliable devices that also had a GPS tracking capability.

Alex Biggs, an IT Support Technician in Stapleton’s IT Department, says: “We searched the Internet to find a suitable supplier and eventually chose Spirit Data Capture Limited. This decision was based on two main factors: value for money combined with their ability to support the devices in the future.”

Stapleton’s opted for Intermec CN3 PDAs.  These compact but powerful and rugged mobile computers incorporate a range of communication technologies and have integrated GPS functionality and a colour camera.  They have been designed specifically for use by mobile workers.

The new Intermec CN3 PDAs are already being used for point of delivery stock control. They are installed with Stapleton’s bespoke software. This uses GPRS to talk to a server which manages the interface between the Intermec devices and the company’s stock databases.  Stapleton’s also has GPS tracking software and remote control software for device maintenance.

Alex Biggs reports: “The new devices have already made a difference. They provide us with better stock control and more effective customer account control. As we can monitor the drivers’ movements in real time, we can also control the efficiency of the delivery process much more effectively.”

He adds: “We have been very pleased with Spirit.  They pay good attention to detail throughout the order, supply and repair processes. We have an on-going programme of works within the IT Department and will continue to include Spirit Data Capture as one of our key suppliers in the future.”

Spirit Data Capture

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