The All Ireland Warehousing Association (AIWA) is a new trade association launched to serve the needs of the whole of the Irish warehousing sector.

With offices in office  in Claremorris, County Mayo, AIWA embraces all companies in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland that provide warehousing and other logistics support services in the supply chain. It is also open to retailers and manufacturers who operate their own warehousing and distribution functions.

The Association aims to bring real business benefits to its members and will become a powerful voice for the whole industry.

Member companies will enjoy a host of benefits including:

Conditions of contract

The AIWA Conditions of Contract cover freight forwarding, haulage and, of course, warehousing. This means that  member companies do not have to prepare three different contracts to encompass these distinct areas of their business – one document is sufficient. Those firms that provide a full range of logistics-based functions have the peace of mind  knowing that the AIWA Conditions of Contract cover all of the services that they offer.

Human resources advice

AIWA members can access very cost effective, quick, easy- to-use, friendly, pragmatic and flexible human resources advice via the telephone or the internet


In partnership with Willis Ltd and Allianz Insurance, AIWA will provide an insurance package specially designed for members. AIWA members who take advantage of this tailor-made insurance solution can receive competitive premiums as well as a wide range of cover options tailored to their specific requirements.


A range of warehousing and logistics-related publications are available via the AIWA website

Purchasing power

Through the Association’s partner, Utility Watch, AIWA members can obtain the very best prices for all of their utilities.

Property information

AIWA members can receive very useful advice about a host of business rates and other Industrial property related matters as part of their membership package on a special helpline.

Specialist guidance

AIWA members will have access to a group of Honorary Advisers covering a broad range of specialist skills including: Security, the Law, IT, Hazardous Chemicals storage, Materials Handling, the Environment, Business Finance, Insurance, Rates and Property and general Business Matters.

AIWA advisers can be contacted by telephone or email and are happy to give valuable advice on a broad range of logistics-based topics as well as general business issues.

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