Crown’s ESR 5000 Series of reach trucks has taken a third international prize in recognition of the product’s exceptional design. The Good Design Award 2010 is an acknowledgement of the outstanding ergonomics and advanced engineering which significantly enhance the functionality, performance and operator comfort of the model range.

After successfully taking the iF Gold Award and IDEA Gold Award, Crown’s ESR 5000 reach truck series has now received the Good Design Award in the “Transportation 2010” category. The award is bestowed by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and has been made to international designers and businesses every year since 1950. The award recognises innovative products characterised by outstanding design, i.e. design representing an elegant combination of form and function.

A reach truck celebrates international success

The popularity of the ESR 5000 Series of reach trucks is due to a combination of first class design with superior operator comfort and exceptionally practical features. When developing a new lift truck, Crown’s first priority is to ensure that every feature is tailored to the specific needs of operators and the logistical workflow. It is a time-intensive approach – but it pays off for the customer. The ESR 5000 Series of reach trucks was developed in Europe and is manufactured at the company’s Roding plant in Bavaria, Germany. After enjoying a huge success with many major customers in Europe, the ESR 5000 is now being recognised by the US market, as this latest design award proves.

The ESR 5000 – greater speed, height and power

To turn the ESR 5000 Series into an even more productive component in the materials handling workflow, last year Crown upgraded the reach trucks with exclusive standard and optional features. The three key features are the unique Optimised Cornering Speed (OCS) system, a new top speed of 14 km/h and an extended lift height of 13 metres. Optimised Cornering Speed ensures that the ESR always stays within safe limits whilst travelling. The system automatically monitors the truck’s steering angle and handling as it travels into or out of a turn, adjusting the vehicle’s speed as required. Combined with the new 14 km/h top speed for all models in the series, this significantly improves goods throughput. Models fitted with the optional Super Duty Mast are more adaptable and versatile than ever before, thanks to an improved 800 kg residual capacity at a lifting height of 13 metres.

Well-designed ergonomics optimise working conditions

A successful design represents an elegant marriage of form and function. The ESR 5000 reach truck is an excellent example of this basic principle, which is also a lynchpin of Crown’s corporate philosophy. While designing the truck, the developers prioritised ergonomics, functionality and operator efficiency. The ergonomic design in particular helps create an optimised working environment for the lift-truck operator. The laterally offset clear-view mast and patented overhead guard, for example, provide operators with an almost unobstructed field of vision while they are driving the ESR 5000. A low step keeps operators safe while they climb into and out of the truck, while the infinitely adjustable steering column makes it easy for them to find a comfortable driving position. For enhanced operator comfort, the ESR 5000 S Series models are fitted with the MoveSeat, which swivels through 30°, and a tilting FlexBack backrest with adjustable lumbar support. These features combat driver fatigue and the potential health risks associated with excessive one-sided stress.

The industry-leading design of Crown’s ESR 5000 Series is making a positive impression on operators and fleet managers around the world, as are the many thoughtful details that help operators work safely and efficiently from beginning to end of each shift.

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