A leading insulation company has turned to Applied Weighing for the supply of two new 920i dynamic checkweighers at its manufacturing plant in the North West of England. The checkweighers will monitor the weight of insulation produced on two of its production lines and represent the company’s continued investment in high quality plant equipment.

Despite the UK economy’s sluggish growth at present, the decision taken by the company to maintain its level of investment in new plant equipment is expected to place them in the best possible position for capitalising on the economic recovery and subsequent improvement in trading conditions.

A willingness to invest in new equipment is essential for any business looking to promote long term growth and retain its competitiveness and profitability. Applied Weighing’s high-speed checkweigher achieves this through detailed production analysis, with cost savings and reduced product giveaway affording maximum value to the user and securing a swift return on their investment.

Powered by the 920i process controller, the dynamic checkweigher’s versatility means that it can be tailored to suit almost any high speed weighing application. Its internal databank offers storage for information in relation to many different products and is the ideal solution for the classification and sorting of a wide variety of weights. By making use of the huge range of interface and communication options available, the checkweigher offers users an integrated station for quality assurance that guarantees both simple programming and powerful control.

In addition to their high quality products, the emphasis that Applied Weighing places on providing excellent customer service has meant that their high-speed checkweigher is the first choice for many. Whilst accuracy and reliability are assured with all of their products, Applied Weighing’s engineers are strategically positioned across the country to enable them to offer technical support and a rapid response to their customers as standard.

Applied Weighing International Limited

Tel: 0118 946 1900

Email: admin@appliedweighing.co.uk


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